Wedding FAQ's

Wedding FAQ's with Jillianne Renee

1. There are so many 'Amateur' Photographers that will charge under a $1,000- for wedding pictures, why not choose them?

A professional photographer with experience shooting weddings is your first priority. As a professional I can tell you that buyer beware, anyone charging less than a thousand is NOT a professional. They may have bought a professional camera, but a true professional knows the amount of time needed to shoot a wedding and then edit your photos in Photoshop, giving you quality professional grade results. I also take the time to artistically edit your photographs in Black & White, Sepia, and Hand-colored effects as needed. Most others do not offer this.  I pride myself on my belief that every client deserves my best work and to receive beautiful, hand-edited pictures that reflect the beauty of your day. 

 2. Is a Digital Photograph lower in quality than a traditional film negative?

Absolutely not, digital technology had advanced very quickly allowing for unlimited potential to enhance the photograph's quality and artistic expression. A professional digital camera captures a large amount of pixels, which translates to high quality images.

3. Will I have enough time to get the pictures that I want between the Ceremony and Reception?

A minumum of two hours is needed to ensure the Bride & Groom and Bridal Party have enough time to take portraits, group shots, etc. The alternative to this dilemma is arranging time before the ceremony. The Bride & Groom will meet for the first time captured on film and proceed with an artistic stress-free portrait session prior to the wedding.

4. Do I need a Professional Wedding Album?

Definitely YES! The finished wedding album is one of the main reasons to photograph your wedding day. Preserving your memories is essential. My advice to every Bride is to pre-order your album so that you are ready to design and order the pictures as soon as possible.

P.S. When you're planning the wedding..future hubby is most likely to okay the expense of the album. Post wedding...good luck with that!!!

5. What is Early Reception Coverage?

In order to keep the cost down and ensure that the Bride & Groom have time to enjoy the reception, it is best that the main events; such as the First Dance, the Cake Cutting, and the Bouquet & Garter Toss, are scheduled early to ensure coverage and meet the requirement for 8 hours max coverage. By this time you will be ready to say good bye to me and my flash in your faces ;) 

6. Do I need two photographers to cover my wedding?

No, unless you have an unusually large wedding party and or church.  In my opinion, two photographer's equal twice the amount of sorting, which translates to extra post production expense and time.  The cost of a second shooter is significant and you may or may not feel it worth the extra cost.  I pride myself on being able to cover a wedding solo. I am efficient, fast moving, and detailed.  Basically my finger doesn't rest until the final picture of the night.  Solo, I usually take 1,500 to 2,000 pictures over the course of an eight hour day. That is more than enough to give you all the best shots for prints and album designs.  However, if you are a bigger is better person then by all means ask for Jillianne squared! 

7. Why not use a studio or a well know name like Fox?

Unfortunately, studio location photographers don't always translate into great work.  I have come across some larger outfits that seem to be stuck in a 1980/90's time warp.  There shots are out-dated, unoriginal, and stuffy. The albums are the same, old fashioned, boring, and predictable.  I have a passion for cutting edge portraiture, and artistic shots that no one expects. I approach your wedding in a photojournalistic way as well. My goal is to capture the natural progression and emotion of your day. Nothing forced, nothing too staged. Being a woman also gives me a great advantage ladies ;) I understand what women want to see and experience on their wedding day. I know that you are the Princess!  I will work for you, letting YOU shine the brightest.  Allow me to capture your radiant beauty as you become a beaming Bride.


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*All Photographs are the copyrighted property of Jillianne Renee.  The artwork shown is original work painted/developed by Jillianne Renee. 

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