Check out work done by Jillianne Renee at the Heritage Home Decor & Design showroom.  Located at 129 Commercial Drive / Yorkville IL 60560 / 630-553-0880
There you can find Greg Millen, Owner, and ask him to show you the Faux and Art located in the 'Bar Area' straight back and to the left from the entrance. You will be able to see the Vintage Bordeaux Finish behind the bar, the Slate Marble Wall is to the right of the bar.  Also take a look at the Women's bathroom around the corner to the right of the bar and you will find the Gilded Copper Faux that is accented by three Wine Labels which were customized to the family names of Greg Millen and his wife, Rosie. 

Trace Bar & Sweetwater Tavern & Grill are too great spots to visit while in Chicago.  You can check out the Custom Hand-painted Canvas done by Jillianne Renee on the second floor behind the bar at Trace Bar in Wrigleyville.  At Sweetwater you can see the company logo and a painted 'hand pointing' on the door located in the back hallway entrance done by Jillianne Renee.  Ask for Jason, Owner, 312-698-7111
Ashley Hood - Orange County, California / Yorkville, IL - Email Review

November 27, 2012

Hi Jillianne,

I got all the pictures and they turned out wonderful! You are really talented! Thank you so much.  I have forwarded the gallery link to my family and asked them to let me know what pictures and sizes they want so I will order through your site and will definitely be in touch with you next time we want to do some photos. I am due to have another baby in May so maybe next summer when we are out in Chicago again we could get some done of the two kiddos.

Thanks! Ashley

Lisa Guardiola / Plainfield, IL

"I've had Jillianne Renee do several projects for me including Photography as well.  However by far, my favorite pieces are the Custom Canvas' for my boys' rooms.  We took two of my favorite pages from Nancy Tillman's children's books and made works of art I will treasure for years to come."


Stephanie Wink / Naperville, IL

"Jillianne painted the perfect faux finish in my powder room.  I had seen a finish I loved in a spa downtown Naperville and she was able to recreate it for me! Actually it's better in my opinion.  I also commissioned some canvas art for my dining room, they turned out great as well!  We are in the process of planning some additional artwork for my sitting room, I want to add some modern branches inside my framed wall moldings."


Summer & Josh Watkins / Darien, IL

"We had Amazing Walls by Jillianne Renee paint and faux finish our new townhome.  The base painting turned out awesome, thanks to the color design layout that Jillianne suggested.  We went with a bold accent color in our Master Bedroom called Dragon's Breath.  It's a rich slate brown color that we painted on the biggest wall behind the bed and also in the master bath.  Our bedroom now feels like a swanky hotel room.  We never would have picked the dark color but we're so glad we were brave enough to try it.  She also painted one of our favorite finishes in the upstairs bath, Tahitian Black Pearl. Once again we never would have thought to pick such an interesting finish." 

Pictures to follow!


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*All Photographs are the copyrighted property of Jillianne Renee.  The artwork shown is original work painted/developed by Jillianne Renee. 

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