Fine Art

Jillianne Renee has artwork on sale/display at Heritage Home Decor & Design in Yorkville, IL.  You can view and purchase her artwork while browsing the custom cabinetry showroom. 

In January of 2014, Jillianne Renee launched Rose 'n' Vine & Stripped Canvas.  An exciting new take on paint and sip parties.  Both are public/private in-home paint party services.  Jillianne Renee instructs a 2-3 hour class with the painting of your choice, at the location of your choice.  Look for her public monthly paint & sip classes at Gypsy Soul, Heritage Home Decor & Design, and Basils Greek Dining!

Paint it • Sip it • LOVE it!
Personalized Canvas Art

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the thought of finding the perfect painting to compliment a room?  If you love the idea of a wall mural but would rather be able to take it with you, or move it from room to room.  Then have no fear.  Let Jillianne Renee create a personalized canvas to fit your decor.

Children's rooms and nurseries are also great places to hang personalized canvases.  Jillianne Renee, Inc. can design a three canvas set that brings to life the beautiful bedding you spent months finding.  The baby's name or monogram can be used as well, to personalize the room.  

How it works:
• Gather ideas, your favorite image from a magazine, a pillow or rug that
    inspires you.
• Schedule an Estimate/Design Consultation to finalize the concept
   (50% Deposit toward the project is due)
• Be amazed when your vision becomes a reality and your room is complete
   with a piece of art that you helped design.  

There are endless possibilities...

Commission a painting for your business.  The Trace logo painting shown above was made for Trace Bar in Chicago, it can be seen hanging as the centerpiece behind the bar on the second floor.

A custom painting can also make a great gift for an anniversary, wedding, or birthday.  You can surprise someone with a meaningful gift that is designed for them by you!  Maybe your parents have always loved a certain Wine or Vineyard, you can have a painting made of their favorite wine label that would go perfectly in their kitchen.
Fine Art Photography

Jillianne Renee is also a commissioned Fine Art Photographer

• A great way to personalize the photography on your walls is to commission a
       shoot of your favorite tree, garden, flower, or childhood farm. 
• A great gift for someone would be to shoot a memorable location such as a
   wedding or engagement site, a first date location, or even a first kiss!

• Animals are also great ideas, your favorite horse, dog, cat, or bird.

How it works:
• Gather ideas, your favorite image from a magazine, or a photograph that
   inspired you online, or a memory you must recreate.
• Schedule an Estimate/Design Consultation to finalize the concept 
   (50% Deposit toward the project is due)
• Be amazed when your photograph becomes an instant heirloom your family
   will pass down for generations to come.  


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*All Photographs are the copyrighted property of Jillianne Renee.  The artwork shown is original work painted/developed by Jillianne Renee. 

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