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Crazy Cake Decorating Parties
Learn how to decorate like a pro! Sip a Crazy Cocktail and have a blast. You'll learn the skills to create flowers and fun things out of icing. Create, Eat, and become a Fabulous Pastry Chef!
 Jillianne Renee & Christine Contreras will instruct a 
2 Hour Class on Professional Pastry Decorating!
The Party will be at the location of your choice. 
The class includes basic supplies, recipe cards, cupcakes to practice with
and cupcakes to take home. Each guest will also get one Crazy Cocktail to go along with your cupcake theme!

 Private in-home Parties are $43- Per Person 
(minimum 7 paying guests)
The Host is FREE!

A $200- Deposit is required to book a date

Wine and other beverages are not Included, Host can provide or add a Wine Tasting.
Professional Wine Tasting options are Wines for Humanity or Boisset Wine Living.   

Crazy Cake Decorating Parties
Girl's Nights In, Bachelorette Parties, Kid's Birthdays, Just for Fun,
Family Parties, Work Events, Team Building, Networking, etc... ​ ​

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* Some of the images above are for inspiration only and are not the property of Crazy Cakes. Copy Right Infringement not intended.



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*All Photographs are the copyrighted property of Jillianne Renee.  The artwork shown is original work painted/developed by Jillianne Renee. 

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